Property of Merit


Attractive, clean and well-managed neighborhoods encourage positive behavior and a healthy community


The initial Properties of Merit program was created in 1989 in Oneonta, NY by Siobhan "Sam" Bennett who partnered with the local newspaper and a group of community leaders she assembled. In 1987 Sam relocated to Allentown, PA, and after a year spent meeting with community leaders, Properties of Merit was launched with a dedicated cluster of Crime Watch and Neighborhood Presidents who based their program around the premise that "well-tended neighborhoods are safer neighborhoods". The success of the program brought it to the attention of the Governor's office and in 2006 Governor Ed Rendell recognized the contributions of the program and provided seed money through 2009 for the program to be taken state wide.

In late 2007, Penbrook Borough Council signed a resolution of moral support for PRI's sponsorship of the Properties of Merit Program as a means to improve home ownership and business opportunities in our Borough. After state support was dropped past 2009, seeing the positive impact the program was having on the community, PRI made the decision to continue the program in-house as the Penbrook Property of Merit Program.

The award's program seeks to positively impact property maintenance by rewarding and recognizing those property owners who maintain their properties in an outstanding fashion, thereby directly impacting the quality of life in that block, neighborhood, and community and inspiring others to do the same.

Any residential and rental property in each of the four Penbrook wards and any Penbrook business is eligible. There will also be a "People's Choice" awards and Special Awards.

Nomination team members start looking at properties usually around the last week of July and continue the nomination process through the third week of August. An awards reception is then held for all the winners around the beginning to middle of October.

The Penbrook Property of Merit Program would not exist without the support of our generous sponsors each year. The previous year's sponsors can be found in the Awards Ceremony link on this page. Any private citizen or corporation, who would like to become a sponsor with promotional gifts or a monetary donation, please emails us for more information at

Penbrook Revitalization Inc. is a 501 (c) (3) corporation.